Special Welding Projects

SISEM is specialized in any form of welding for iron or non metals, such as copper, brass, special alloys, inox, cast iron, aluminum. Sisem's services are mainly aimed at companies that operate within the siderurgical and mechanical carpentry sectors.


Induction machinery is an innovative system frequently applied in the steel working sector, capable of generating a great amount of heat, guaranteeing advantages in time and costs. SISEM produces components and complete machineries that need particular care in assembly and welding.


SISEM designs, produces and installs secondary circuits in copper, cooled or not, for steel plants of any power, complete of all components (flexible wires, flexible strips, ecc.) according to the clients needs.


SISEM offers a complete service for the design of cooling circuits in Cu, Fe and Cu-Fe and all their components (crate burners, oxygen lance, cooling block, ecc.)

SPECIAL carryovers

SISEM, for almost 15 years has been present in the metal forging sector, as a leader in special carryovers on flat clubs, hammers, finishing channels and plugs. Experience and care in all phases of production guarantees a long lasting and precise final product.


MIG/MAG welding is an arc welding process where the metal is under protection of a continuous line of gas. This typology of welding is able to guarantee a high level of productivity whilst containing costs.


TIG (Tungsten inert gas) welding or GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc welding), is a process of arc welding with an infusinle electrode (of tungsten), under protection of an inert gas, that can be completed with or without metal contribution. This typology of welding guarantees high precision and quality.


Brasing is a very ancient procedure used to unite metal parts, even of different nature with high quality in mechanical and hydraulic resistance. Brazed materials are generally made of alloys of silver, copper, brass and nickel.

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